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Jumpers Junction provides tips, tricks, and analysis that coaches and pros wish they would have known 10 years ago. 

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No matter your fitness level or jumping ability, Jumpers Junction has a class for you.

Long Jump

Learn how to long jump and how to teach yourself to get to the next level!

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Hi, I'm John, and I started Jumpers Junction as a way to educate and inform people about the jumps and also as a way to establish a community.

Join me for a virtual class and start jumping your way to your fitness goals.


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Long Jump Fundamentals

Learn how to long jump and why you need to do what you do, and how to teach yourself to get to the next level!

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Augie - Long Jumper 

"Coach John is such a knowledgeable and energetic coach that I never get bored at practice!"

Aimee Right

"John's classes are so much fun, I can't wait for the next one!"

Jamie Sonet

"John's classes helped me build confidence."